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Our spa in Greenwich, CT features signature spa treatments for our guests to enjoy during their visit. Check out all the treatments that this spa in Fairfield County has to offer such as massages, body treatments, facials, and more. 


Delamar Massage: The Healing Power of Touch - 30/60/90 min.  $65/$135/$180

Designed to restore comfort, this traditional massage combines stretching and long strokes to relieve your tension from head to toe.  Using aromatherapy oils and customized pressure.

Delamar Deep Tissue Massage - 30/60/90 min.  $75/$145/195

Relieve aching muscles and revive your senses with this powerful customized massage.  Choose a dynamic blend of essential oils, and a variety of stroke styles, to help you relax and ease individual muscle tension.

Delamar Aromatic Hot Stone Massage: Feel the Warmth - 60/90 min. $190/$235

Therapeutic Heat releases through small locally gathered stones that are placed on your specific energy points.  We incorporate warm oil to encourage maximum relaxation.  Tensions vanish.

Delamar Four Handed Massage - 60 min. $255

Four handed massage involves two therapists working simultaneously, creating a choreographed massage.  The four handed massage is based on the Swedish style massage techniques using long and slowing strokes designed to relax the body. People claim that this intense massage relieves pain as the body responds to the four-handed touch.

Delamar Nurturing Massage for Mother-To-Be: Time to be Pampered - 60 min.  $150

This inspiring Massage connects mother and baby during pregnancy. Relieves back tension and swelling in the hands and feet.  Baby yourself.

Delamar Couples Massage - 60/90min.  $270/$350           Deep Tissue Couples Massage - 60/90 min.  $290/370

The Spa at Delamar is a couples destination. Get away from it all with our extra wide, heated tables, low lights and relaxing music. Our comfortable couples room, with an extra large shower, awaits you.


Paraffin Hand or Feet - $35 each

Feet and Hands - $60

Body Buff - $105


Skin care does not stop at the neck or the face.  Our body treatments are just as involved and result driven as our facials. Each session is customized and involves exfoliation, lymphatic and/or bio-reflex massage.

Body Buff - 30 min. $105

Using a cellular refining scrub, this treatment eliminates unwanted skin cells and nourishes your skin with specially harvested Rose Oils (Omega 3,6 and 9). Your skin is visibly smoother and prepared for enhanced penetration of products. Rediscover the softness of your once baby skin and optimize its preparation to benefit further steps in body treatments.

Peaks of Slimness - 90 min.  $295

Transforming fat to firmness this treatment begins with a body buff and then fights dehydration, tension, and eliminates toxins.  With repeated treatments and continued product application, Peaks of Slimness attacks body fat. Using caffeine, one treatment detoxifies your tired body back in balance.  A series of treatments has a veritable effect on any type of cellulite. Best results proposed with a series of 12 treatments, and continued product use at home.

Detoxifying Body Wrap - 90 min.  $225

Beginning with a gentle exfoliation, this treatment stimulates the elimination of toxins, excess water and fat. The combination of algae with essential oils, thyme, lemon, peppermint and cypress has both the effect detoxifying and an oxygenating. This indispensable treatment leaves you more balanced, toned and smoother.

Deluxe Body Lift - 120 min.  $405

This premier body treatment utilizes a refined sequence of exfoliation, toning and sculpting to improve overall body texture and muscle structure.  Using the unique  bio-reflex massage, combined with a moisturizing and dermo-protecting complex:  lactic acid, amino acids, algae powder and silk extract, your skin becomes visibly firmer and more toned.

Microcurrent Body Therapy - 75 min. $235

Exfoliation followed by manual microdermabrasion including intensive triple microcurrent therapy applied to the glutes, arm jiggle and decollage, or tummy.

Amethyst Biomat Therapy Preeminent Healing Modality - 25 min $40

Triple layer of Amethyst crystal which conducts infrared light and heat, offering a variety of results depending on your settings including joint relief.


Each Delamar treatment begins with a skin analysis and consultation by our highly trained expert estheticians to choose the right treatment for you. Our services implement customized techniques with clinical grade products to deliver the best possible results.

Express Facial - 30 min. $105

In minimal time the express treatment will visibly erase the signs of cutaneous dehydration. Highly concentrated efficiency to reveal the benefits of the Valmont brand in minimal time. This facial is an absolute must if you want a quick result before a date or event.

Skin Rescue - 45 min. $135

This treatment is designed for sensitive, reactive, stressed and traumatized skin.  It combines highly concentrated, ingredients with lymphatic drainage and our revolutionary sculpting massage. These techniques restore your skin leaving it soothed, hydrated and reconditioned.

Manual Lift (Manual Microdermabrasion) -  45 min. $135

Skin needs to breathe.  This treatment is an efficient cocktail of micro-crystalline algae, silk extracts and natural amino acids designed to exfoliate dead skin and promote oxygen exchange. Your skin is luminous, firm and toned. Manual Lift treatment tightens and cleans your pores and gives you an instant lifting effect.

Deep Cleansing Facial - 60 min. $155

This classic, basic facial is customized for all skin types. At the beginning of every treatment, your esthetician cleans and analyses your skin, followed by an exfoliation, steaming and gentle extracting.  An appropriate mask is applied specifically designed to meet your individual skin needs. Your treatment finishes with intensive protecting serums and creams.   Your skin is left refreshed, revitalized and radiant.

Vitality of Glaciers: Pamper your Skin - 60 min. $245

A hydrating massage combined with the application of a densely moisturizing facial and eye mask which leaves your skin's fine lines durably smoothed. Products celebrated for their patented intact DNA, the face regains suppleness, comfort and glow. This essential treatment features enhanced results, thanks to the application of the medical grade collagen facial and eye mask for optimal plumping.

Resculpting Facial - 75 min. $245

Our signature anti-aging facial will instantly rejuvenate, firm and lift your skin. This treatment uses the state- of-the-art bio-electrotherapy Remodeling Face Machine, to tone, tighten and shape facial muscles attempting to prevent the need of surgery in the future. Your skin is instantly revitalized, visibly smoother, firmer and more radiant.  For best results, we recommend six weekly treatments to improve facial muscle memory, followed by monthly treatments for maintenance.

Ultimate Facial - 90 min. $295

The secret to this spectacular facial lies in the combination of with Remodeling Face micro current technology paired with personalized manual lift massage techniques, or a deep cleaning, followed by highly concentrated botanical, marine and biological extracts. It will drastically improve skin tone and elasticity leaving your skin luminous, lifted, glowing and revitalized.

Micro-Puncture Lab - 90 min. $285

Mesotherapy using a .25ml needle.  Does not puncture the demis but treats discoloration and stimulates collagen.  Includes a collagen mask.

Expert of Light One of a Kind Radiance - 60 min. $255

Clarifying and brightening facial targeting anti melanin production and dark spots.  Includes Valmont medical grade collagen eye and face mask.


P50 Plumping Peel - $75

Collagen Mask:  Face - $90

                        Eye - $50

Manual Lift - $80

Eye brow shaping - $45

Medical Grade Collagen Upgrades: One of a Kind

The Valmont mask comes in a sheet made of 100% pure and native collagen. Originally used for burn victims, this collagen was selected for its outstanding results. It instantly and durably improves skin hydration, and significantly smoothes down wrinkles and fine lines.

Eye Collagen

Eye regenerating mask. Contains drainage-enhancing agents to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness, dark circles and helps restore radient looking eyes.


Delamar Manicure - 30 min. $50

More than a manicure, it's an experience. Our manicurists nourish, exfoliate, and massage your cuticles and nails with rejuvenating oils and scrubs, leaving your hands and arms smooth and soft.  Cuticles and calluses are gently removed, or pushed out of sight.  Choose a perfect polish or nail buff.

Delamar Pedicure - $75

Enjoy an upper body massage in our special pedicure chairs while our pedicurist nourishes and massage your lower leg and feet with essential oils and scrubs. Your cuticles and calluses will be nipped and pushed away.  Choose a perfect nail polish or nail buff.

Regenerating Collagen Mask for Hands - $50

Parafin Wax - $35


Express Yourself - 175 min. $195

Body Buff and 30 minute Express Facial


Complete Escape - 120 min. $265

60 minute Delamar Massage and Deep Cleansing Facial


Out on The Town - 130 min. $270/$255

Delamar Manicure and Pedicure with Deep Cleansing Facial or Skin Rescue


Maximum Indulgence Perfect For The Bride - 150 min. $475

Experts of Light and Peaks of Slimness


Deluxe Lifting Package Perfect for the Mother of The Bride or Groom - 135 min. $625

Complete Body Lift combined with our Resculpting Facial.


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